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Choosing your guests and properties

Choosing the property you wish to own as a holiday home or holiday let is as much about choosing who you wish your clients to be as it is what sort of property you would like.

Let us help you set off in the right direction to achieve your goal.

The Nelson’s Project

Setting up your property for your first guest

How quickly can you be in a position to be able to let your property?

In property, time is money - but, you need to be sure that, whilst you bootstrap your holiday let, you are still satisfying you chosen clients' needs and demands.

With our experience and 'boots on the ground' 24 hour cover, we can get you up and running more quickly and with more confidence than going alone.

20131 Grove Street

Create a predictable experience every time

Running a holiday let can be challenging at times. The returns will be greater than a long term let, but the expectations and demands of your guests can also be much greater.

After all, your guests are likely to be spending more money with you than they are in any other single 'investment in their leisure'. You'll need to be available and able to take it that seriously if any issue arise.

We can help you deliver the experience, and bring the resources to bear to ensure every let is predictable and the very best it can be.

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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