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Our Services

Full "hands-off" Management

If you are a distant owner or someone who simply wants a decent return for your investment without too much hassle, then you will need the boots on the ground to get things done.

Refurbishing Holiday Lets

Because we have been in the town now for a fair few years we have contacts with all the tradesmen we need to maintain and refurbish ours and our clients properties. We can work with you to establish a sensible budget, get quotations to do whatever work is required.

Design Office

Interior Design for Holiday Lets

Creating the environment for your guests to stay in comfort is only part of the story when it comes to setting up your holiday let. Its not simply a matter of making things look right.

Looks aren’t everything, there are also many practical things to consider, to make their stay easy and enjoyable.

Key Holding for Owners

We have the facilities with our shop on Ramshill Road to securely hold keys for our clients' properties. We have secure key boxes to provide for guests or trades people requiring keys outside office hours - both for retrieval and drop off of the keys by arrangement.

Property Inspection

We’ll provide distant landlords and owners with a service to inspect properties during prolonged vacant periods empty, such as low season or other events. This will allow you to fulfil your obligations to insurance companies and obviously ensure the security and condition of your property.


A regular report can be produced to your requirements to provide you the evidence of the inspections done.

Our Expertise

Business Operation

  • 15 years in Scarborough

  • Marketing over all OTA - Airbnb/ and 32 other channels

  • Our own dedicated team for preparation and service

  • Local 'Boots on the Ground'

Local Network

  • Accredited agent for sales

  • Certification for trades

  • Gas

  • Electricity

  • Energy performance

  • Maintenance and refurbishment trades


  • Knowledge of expectations and standards

  • Solutions focussed on excellent visitor experience

  • Cost effective and profitable delivery

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