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About Us

Our maxim - "It's our phone that rings, not yours!"

Based in Scarborough for fifteen years, we started our business with the intention of helping owners, particularly those who live elsewhere or are looking to retire, to set up their property as a holiday let.

We hold the keys for all our owners and look after their property like it was our own.

For our owners we are their ‘boots on the ground’

managing all aspects of their properties.


Our Story

Our first lesson learned from owning our own holiday let in Scarborough was; that for anybody who owned a property in Scarborough but didn't actually live within 10 or 15 minutes of their property, the customer service issue was always going to be a problem. And like most of the worst issues, these problems tend to come up when you least need them. You really need somebody who is willing to take the keys from you and make this simple proposition:

“It's okay. t's my phone that will ring, not yours!”


That was the point at which we decided we were going start a business in Scarborough that would run our one bedroom apartment in Easby Hall; the way we wanted our one bedroom apartment in Easby Hall to be run. It would require us to think about how we would get our apartments prepared. It would require us to think about how we would get our apartments ready to be prepared. And most importantly it would require us to understand how we could make sure that the experience our guests first received when they arrived would continue during their stay.


For us to have a team to be able to do that for our one bed apartment it meant we were going to need more properties. So unless we were going to buy half of Scarborough we were going to have to figure out how we could serve half of Scarborough. And how we were going to make sure we did that correctly.

Meet the Team

Our Clients

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